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Alokozay Tissue

The Best Tissues for All Facial Issues

Alokozay emerged in the tissue industry as a force to be reckoned with. The notable tissue manufacturers made their mark in the market with quality that easily rivaled the biggest names in business.

The enviable addition of tissues to their vibrant and diverse range of quality FMCG Products made Alokozay a house-hold name, a company committed to touching and improving lives across the globe. Serving distinct purposes, these tissue manufacturers dominated the market by introducing the softest facial tissue made from first-rate and 100% wood pulp.

Quality That’s Worth A Whistle

Highly acknowledge for their softness, Alokozay tissues are driven towards continuous improvement to elevate user experience to new heights. Comparatively a new member in Alokozay’s family of FMCG products, the facial tissue offers great value for money and delivers quality that speaks for itself.

Softness and Strength You Seek

At Alokozay, the company understands how delicate and soft the facial skin is. In a bid to offer skin the care it needs and deserves, Alokozay tissues are not only soft, they help users steer clear of germs and diseases. With their silky softness and superior strength, they are carefully manufactured to keep skin from chapping at all times. The Alokozay philosophy is: healthy customers are happy customers. With this mission in mind, Alokozay tissues have what it takes to put your best face forth.

Our Products

Easily fulfilling your need for comfort, cleanliness and softness, Alokozay tissues strictly conform to standards to signify the quality Alokozay has to offer. Our list of tissue offerings include:




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