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Alokozay Tea

Alokozay- The Best Tea Manufacturers in Town

When Alokozay emerged on the tea market in 2003, it launched into a search of the finest tea gardens to give consumers a taste that gets the dream machines going. After seven years of relentless search and thorough evaluation of carefully handpicked tea leaves, Alokozay brought to the market flavors to savor. Continuing their tradition of taste, Alokozay unveiled their wide range of matchless tea products that are second to none not only in terms of taste but in terms of quality as well.

Taste To Tantalize Taste Buds

With the proud legacy of meeting and exceeding customer expectations, Alokozay introduced its unparalleled range of healthy teas such as green teas, black teas, flavored teas and herbal infusions. Packing health and happiness, Alokozay promises a taste to turn frowns upside down. With its unsurpassed quality, addictive taste and uplifting aroma.

Alokozay Tea Manufacturer- The Steadfast Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Alokozay Group has claimed several accolades for its unwavering product quality. Effortlessly maintaining standards of premium quality, the group celebrates its acquisition of ISO certification (IMS – ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP and OHSAS 18001). Today, Alokozay Group sources its first-class tea products to cater to the needs of palates of people, coming from different cultures and countries, beyond the barriers of race, caste and culture. Bringing excellence for everyone, Alokozay tea is your chance to start a simple and sweet love affair between you and your cup.

Our Tea Products- Best Things Come In Small Packages

Alokozay, a leading manufacturer of FMCG Products, offers its impressive list of tea products that go below as follows:


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