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Future Products

Alokozay Group of Companies Strives to Deliver Consumers a Comprehensive Range of FMCG Products That Signify Supreme Blend of Taste and Finesse.

Alokozay Group of Companies is a name that consumers trust. Our uncompromising commitment to delivering you excellence in every product we manufacture and distribute has made us the benchmark of quality and taste across industries.

We are proud to announce Alokozay’s new brand extensions in FMCG industry.

Our new range of future products includes:

  • Alokozay Biscuits
  • Alokozay Detergent
  • Alokozay Milk & Flavoured Milk
  • Alokozay Juices
  • Alokozay Coffee
  • Alokozay Chips
  • Alokozay Iced Tea
  • Alokozay Chewing Gum
  • Alokozay Non Alcoholic Beer
  • Alokozay Baby Diapers
  • Alokozay wet wipes


We Deliver What the Consumer Needs

Through our robust research and thorough feasibility studies, we have analyzed that there are several FMCG products that lack quality brands. Therefore to cater to the consumer demand for quality brands we are now filling the gap.

Alokozay Biscuits

We plan to introduce a wide variety of fresh and tasty different flavors of biscuits like cookies, digestive biscuits, waffles and cream biscuits for you to enjoy with tea and celebrate even the smallest things like eating a biscuit special and memorable.

Alokozay Detergent

To maintain the texture and colors of your clothes, we plan to launch Alokozay Detergent. We have conceived cloth-friendly detergent with high cleansing properties that will keep the fabric soft and smooth with a beautiful fresh scent.

Alokozay Coffee

Alokozay plans to launch its coffee brand soon. Our coffee will be made from the best and highest quality coffee beans imported from the best coffee beans growing countries. We strive to deliver you quality coffee with rich and soothing taste so that you enjoy every sip of it and kick start your day like never before.

Alokozay Chips

If you miss the taste and the crunch in the chips you eat nowadays, you need to taste Alokozay’s chips. We plan to introduce a complete range of crunchy and fresh chips made from the best quality potatoes and the latest technology to ensure the freshness that you expect in chips is locked and sealed until you open it.

Alokozay Iced Tea

After creating a niche in the black tea and green tea market, we will now launch Alokozay iced tea. You can enjoy it anytime and anywhere you like and make every occasion special. It is going to be a perfect combination of cold tea and flavored syrups such as lemon, raspberry, cherry, lime and peach. Simply refreshing and the perfect way to beat the heat!

Alokozay Chewing Gum

As we love to take the challenges and trying serve our consumers the best and most of the range of FMCG goods. Alokozay Group will be coming up soon with different flavors of Chewing Gums.

Alokozay Non Alcoholic Beer

Alokozay has setup a fully-equipped bottling plant in Afghanistan. We always try to jazz up your lifestyle and to pure a health and enjoy in your life. Alokozay Group is soon coming up with Non Alcoholic Beer.


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