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Alokozay Non-Alcoholic Beverages Company


The Alokozay Group has a twin commitment to serving its customers wherever they are and to providing job opportunities wherever it operates. It is out of this commitment that Alokozay Non-Alcoholic Beverages Company (ABCo) was born.


ABCo – Alokozay Non Alcoholic Beverages Company

ABCo owns and operates one of the largest and most technologically advanced bottling plants in the world. Located in Kabul, Afghanistan, the plant provides much needed employment to over couple of thousands of local people. The plant produces the entire range of Alokozay soft drinks, energy drinks, juices, ice tea, bottled water and non-alcoholic beer. ABCo also operates its own extensive distribution network that carries the Alokozay products to consumers throughout all of urban and rural Afghanistan. From the plant, Alokozay sought after beverages are shipped all over the world.

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