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Alokozay Logistics and Distribution


To run a successful business in today’s highly competitive and dynamic corporate world, strategic business management is extremely important. How you strategize and plan your business operations can help you curtail the cost of doing business, optimize business operations and meet deadlines successfully.

According to several studies, logistics and distribution is the area where many businesses across industries face delays, sometimes due to in-house problems and sometimes because of outsourcing logistics and distribution services from an inexperienced service provider. Whatever the problem may be, your business suffers. .


Logistics and Distribution- The Industry Trend

Industry analysts believe that businesses handling logistics and distribution in-house should re-evaluate their supply chain and consider outsourcing this service from an experienced service provider to offset the freight management and transport cost increase due to the expected increase in oil prices.

As the oil prices and supply chain risk increase, inventory holding levels are also expected to rise which can impact businesses negatively especially those that compete on factors like speedy and short delivery time to win over customers.

Benefits of Outsourcing Logistics and Distribution Services

Logistics and distribution is an increasing complex and costly discipline especially for start-ups, small and medium sized companies who want to compete in the global market. The best way to optimize this area is to outsource.

Here’s why:

  • Outsourcing logistics and distribution services means you don’t have to worry about the heavy transportation costs.
  • It reduces the need for holding costly warehouses in different parts of the world to store inventory.
  • It helps you reduce fuel cost and delivery times.
  • Outsourcing logistics and distribution services enables you to transport freight via several modes of transportation such as ship, truck or rail.
  • It offers more scalability and flexibility to businesses.
  • You can also enjoy cost benefits through volume inventory transportation discounts.



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