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Alokozay Cola Production Company


The Alokozay Group believes to serve consumers no matter where they are. And this is why we continue to diversify and expand our operations to meet our consumers all over the world. Alokozay Cola Production Company has helped us achieve our dream of reaching a new, extraordinary market.


Alokozay Cola Production Company

Alokozay Beverages is the bottling and distribution plant of the entire range of carbonated Soft drinks, Energy drink, Juices, Ice tea & Water.

Product Range such as Alokozay Cola, Alokozay WOW, Alokozay Magic, Alokozay Breeze, Alokozay Energy, Alokozay Juice, Alokozay Water, Alokozay ICE Tea, Alokozay Non-Alcoholic Beer etc.

The bottling plant is being set up at Pul-e-Charkhi Industrial Park in Kabul, Afghanistan. The company has an extensive distribution channel of its own covering both urban and rural consumers all over Afghanistan.

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