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Alokozay Logistics and Distribution


Alokozay has built one of the largest and most comprehensive distribution networks in the world, currently operating in over 40 countries throughout the Middle East, Central Asia, Asia, Europe, Africa and North America.


Providing Unbeatable Value to Businesses

Our 100-year tradition of excellence, quality and value continues to manifest itself in our freight management business. Smart planning, unrivalled industry knowledge and strong business partnerships have ensured that our company stays on top of all the challenges (and competition) typically associated with logistics and distribution. We continue to meet all deadlines on, if not before, time.

The Benefits of Outsourcing to an Industry Leader

Logistics and distribution is an increasingly complex and costly discipline especially for start-ups and small to medium-sized companies looking to compete in the global market. Rising oil prices and the consequent high freight management and transportation costs make it extremely difficult to provide value to customers while retaining a healthy profit margin. Outsourcing your requirements to an established network such as ours can help put you on a more level playing field with your larger or more established competitors by:

  • reducing your fuel and transportation costs;
  • shortening your delivery times;
  • reducing the need for costly warehousing in multiple locations;
  • providing you with access to a choice of transportation including ship, truck and rail; and
  • offering more scalability and flexibility to your business operations.
  • Just as importantly, by using Alokozay, you are able to avail yourself of the cost savings attributable to our volume inventory transportation discounts.

    Alokozay logistics and distribution services provide unbeatable value.



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