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Alokozay FMCG


Alokozay – Committed to a Long-Term Industrial Vision Expertise, innovation, and excellence are integral to every product and facility we present. At Alokozay, we implement breakthrough ideas to broaden our scope of operations. Success for Alokozay means developing, promoting, and distributing products that provide for the rapidly changing consumer demands, industry practices. We offer products that deliver value to people at varied levels.

Alokozay Group offers reliable warehousing, logistics, and distribution facilities to the business sector.


FMCG – Enhancing the Quality of Life

Alokozay, is one of the top tea manufacturer in Dubai - UAE / GCC, is the proud manufacturer of the best tea products. Ranging from black tea to green tea and from mint tea to earl grey tea, Alokozay tea is all about natural ingredients and pure health.

The Alokozay Group is delighted to present an extensive collection of consumer items that are an epitome of excellence, elegance, and convenience. The company touches the lives of its consumers 24/7 with its distinctive, supreme-quality FMCG products.


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