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Alokozay Careers

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The Alokozay Group of Companies (AGC) is a leading ISO certified multinational FMCG company with its headquarters in Dubai, UAE and having its presence in over 40 countries with an extensive distribution network in Middle East, Central Asia, Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. AGC has a diversified range of FMCG products with state of the art logistics and warehousing facilities, with the products such as Evaporated milk, Coffee, Cookies, Chewing Gum, Potato chips, Bottled water, Detergent, Pocket Tissues, Baby wet wipes, Baby Diapers, Shampoo, Toothpaste, Mouthwash, Soap, Body Lotion etc.

Join the Team of Creative Minds

Undoubtedly, our workforce defines our success. What keeps Alokozay on the top is the fact that we bring forward-looking minds together to do what they love. You can also become a part of this exceptional team to:

  • Team up with inspiring, smart, professional, and helpful individuals who value talent and expertise.
  • Avail endless growth opportunities to enjoy an exceptional work experience.
  • Work for the top brands, including the best soft tissue, flavored tea, cooking oil, and much more, that are globally recognized and valued.
  • Play a significant role in the development, promotion, and distribution of pioneering FMCG products and business facilities.
  • Avail the supreme career development opportunities to achieve your dream success.
  • Enjoy an encouraging, inclusive, and welcoming work environment that values individuals as its biggest asset.
  • Your Dream Career Awaits at Alokozay

    Rewarding, Empowering, Enjoyable, Motivating. These are only a few words that our extraordinary employees use to portray their careers at Alokozay. Being a part of the Alokozay’s team, you’re always motivated to be innovative and creative. Regardless of the responsibilities you perform at Alokozay, you’ll definitely play an important role in creating the future of the global FMCG industry.

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