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Alokozay WOW

The perfect thirst-quencher for the hot summer heat, Alokozay WOW is refreshingly and flavorful. This bold neon green drink has an incredible taste and will make you thirsty for more. Have it with crunchy munchies or drink it while you watch your favorite movie with popcorn - It is the ideal drink for any occasion!

Enjoy it with your burger and fries or add a little extra to your mundane meal and make it exciting with Alokozay WOW. Carry it along for some adventurous sports or go trekking with it packed in your bag to keep you cool and restore your energy. Be ready to go WOW with Alokozay citrus flavored drink.

Available in: 150ml, 250ml, 300ml, 355ml Can and 500ml, 1.5 ltr Pet bottle.