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Alokozay Wafers

This afternoon, dive into a flaky, sweet and flavorful treat with Alokozay Wafer Bites. These delightful cookies are the perfect accompaniment to tea time. With four separate flavours to choose from, you can find the perfect wafer bite to match your favourite Alokozay tea blend. Like all Alokozay products, our Wafer Bites feature the highest quality ingredients and finest flavours from around the world.

Choose from our four unique flavours today. Orange Wafer Bites offer a creamy, zesty treat that is smooth and invigorating. If you want something more decadent, reach for our rich, creamy Chocolate Wafer Bites or try the sensual Vanilla Wafer Bites. Our Strawberry Wafer bites have the perfect hint of sweetness, fruitiness and cream. Even better, serve a platter of all four flavours at your next tea party and give each guest the opportunity to mix and match their favourite Wafer Bite flavours with their tea.

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