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Alokozay Tea Biscuits

Enjoy the taste of homemade biscuits at tea time with Alokozay Tea Biscuit products. Our popular, rich tea biscuits have a wonderful golden brown colour and feature a light, crunchy and sweet texture that is the perfect accompaniment for any Alokozay tea blend. After you open a package of our signature biscuits, you will be overwhelmed by a sweet, buttery and freshly baked smell. While rich in flavour, our tea biscuits are still light weight and hard to the touch.

Bite into Alokozay Tea Biscuits for the pleasant buttery taste that is never too sweet or overpowering. Each of our biscuits contain a hint of tea flavouring that helps pair them with your next cup of lemon, orange or even Black Tea. A word of warning: our biscuits are addictive and delicious, and perfect for dipping into your freshly brewed cup of tea!

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