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Alokozay Creamy Treat

Give yourself the ultimate indulgence this afternoon and open a box of Alokozay Creamy Treat products. From the moment you open the package, you will get a sense of rich, buttery and flaky biscuits with a creamy, decadent chocolate filling. Our Creamy Treats have no artificial colours or flavourings. Instead, they feature the finest chocolate, whole wheat products, and pure ingredients. Our biscuits are a sign of premium quality and value; and they definitely are very hard to resist at tea time.

Purchase Alokozay Creamy Treat today and give your afternoon snack a whole new variety. Each of our Creamy Treat biscuits feature the traditional tea biscuit look and flavor with a sweet, chocolate filling in the centre. They are so perfectly sweet and rich that we dare you to eat just one Alokozay Creamy Treat. You will crave more! Available in 170g sizes for tea time today.

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