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Alokozay Breeze

Feel cool under the hot sun with Alokozay Breeze. A refreshing drink with a tasty twist of natural lemon-lime flavor, have it with your favorite snacks or share it with a bunch of friends while you enjoy your day in the beach. Alokozay Breeze is the perfect drink to accompany you anywhere, at movies, parties, barbeque - you name it! This sparkling beverage contains no caffeine and is filled with liveliness, vigor and lots of freshness.

Breeze has been specially made for the people who love to relax and enjoy afternoon walks with a cool refreshing drink in their hands or for those who love to spend their time in the sun. Pick up your bottle of breeze now and taste the natural zesty flavor of lemon and lime. Serve it ice-cold to make the most out of the drink and be prepared to go wild with Breeze!

Available in: 150ml, 250ml, 300ml, 355ml Can and 500ml, 1.5 ltr Pet bottle.