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Alokozay Apple-Mint

Enjoy the colorful, bubbly and fruity flavor of Alokozay Apple-Mint and taste the vibrant Apple-Mint fizz. Liven up the mood with this bold flavorful drink that perfect for parties and late night hang-outs with friends. The sweet citrus smell and delicious taste will keep you craving for more and more as one drink is simply not enough!

Take a sip while playing video games or while watching your favorite TV show. Make the drink more exciting by adding it into some fun cocktails and get ready to have lots of fun in the sun! Get the madness going with this energizing tangy drink and feel the strong but refined taste of Apple-Mint only with Alokozay Apple-Mint. Do not forget to serve it chilled for that extra magical experience!

Available in 300ml CAN, 500ml and 1.5ltr PET bottle.