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Alokozay tea is re-launched with a fresh new look!


Alokozay International Ltd.  with its headquarters based in Jebel Ali, U.A.E is an internationally certified company dealing in the manufacturing, processing and packaging of ‘Alokozay Tea’ which is sold in over 40 countries worldwide across Central Asia and the MENA region. Boasting high standards of excellence and sourced from the freshest tea leaves hand-picked in Ceylon, Alokozay Tea brings you a special premium blend with a taste that is both rich as well as revitalizing for your body & mind.

From the initial launch of ‘Alokozay Tea’ in 2004, the brand has come a long way in securing its position in the hearts of its loyal consumers. In Alokozay Tea, you will find all the nutritional properties of this drink preserved and in fact enhanced so that whether it’s green or black tea- it is no less than a medicine!

This year sees the re-launch of ‘Alokozay Tea’ with a brand new look, feel and package that is sure to take the regional market by storm in the upcoming months. With a product range that extends from the traditional black and green tea, Alokozay Tea is set to stand out from the crowd.  Its individually foil wrapped tea envelopes protect the moisture in every tea bag. There is an exciting range of loose tea as well. The first - ‘CTC’ loose tea creates a quick and rich brew.  The second -‘FBOP’ loose leaf tea is designed to create a more concentrated blend.

In addition to the above, Alokozay Tea is proud to announce its new and premium range of flavored tea that includes flavors such as  Mint, Cardamom, Lemon, Peach, Jasmine Green and Earl Grey as well as infusions like Camomile to cater to a variety of tastes.


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