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Alokozay Beverages Company - Welcome Speech


Your Excellency Dr. Anwar ul Haq Ahadi, Minister of Commerce and Industries, Your Excellency Najeebullah Mojadidi, the Ambassador of Afghanistan to UAE, Your Excellency Justin Siberell, the Consul General of the United States, Your Excellency Noor Dilawari, Advisor to the President and the Head of Afghanistan Investment Support Agency, Your Excellency Atiqullah Atifmal the Consul General of Afghanistan in Dubai, Mr. Saad Abdul Latif, CEO, Pepsi Asia Middle East and Africa, Mr. Abdul Rehman Alokozay, Chairman, Alokozay Group of companies,

Our respected partners from Pepsi,
Media representatives,
Esteemed Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen:
Hope you are enjoying the evening.
On behalf of Alokozay Group and Pepsi Co, I am honored to welcome you this evening.  Special thanks to those of you who have made long trips for this event to show your support. We greatly appreciate that!

We have all been eagerly waiting for this occasion. 
Pepsi being the beverage of choice of Afghans, those of us here and millions in Afghanistan have been thirsting, so to speak, for this moment and that will certainly add a lot of fizz to the lives of millions. 
It’s a moment of great expectations and accomplishment for Pepsi and Alokozay as we ink the agreement for the exclusive bottling plant in Afghanistan. We at Alokozay take great pride and are honored to build the Pepsi home in Afghanistan!

Such an important project takes long and involves many partners.  Our companies have been working hard and long to reach here. We are also grateful for the extensive support that we have received from the Afghan Government so far, and count on its continuation for the completion and success of the project. The presence of the esteemed members of the Afghan Government here today is a clear demonstration of that encouragement and support.   
Ladies and Gentlemen:
This project will result in investment of over 60 million US dollars in Afghanistan within one year to build the plant and the necessary distribution network. The project will create work for over 800 people directly and for thousands more indirectly. The staff will be highly trained and the plant will be state-of-the-art, unrivalled in the region. 
Today’s signing is only the beginning of a sustained partnership between two great companies for the years and decades to come to provide quality products for consumers in Afghanistan.
This signing is also a significant step for Afghanistan. The partnership between the Alokozay Group and Pepsi Co is a testimony to the confidence that the international business community has in the nation’s untapped potential and business opportunities.
As a business group, Alokozay has always supported the development initiatives for the country’s progress. We have been a part of the daily lives of the people with our ventures in real estate development, petroleum and gas products, tea, cooking oil, and more. Through quality products and consumer satisfaction, Alokozay is proud to be the leader in all these sectors – a goal that we are committed to attain in the beverage industry in Afghanistan as well. We also have generous Corporate Responsibility Initiatives in health, education and humanitarian sectors in assisting those in need.
As a global brand, Alokozay has successfully been building its portfolio. Today, Alokozay Tea is a household name in several countries. With many FMCG categories from cooking oil to soft tissues, the brand has become trusted by consumers in many regions of the world.  
Driven by the vision of our Chairman, Mr. Abdul Rehman Alokozay, Alokozay excels in ‘Achieving today, what is possible tomorrow’ – by providing benchmark quality and customer satisfaction globally. We intend to further strengthen our position as a global brand by building lasting partnerships with international brands. The partnership with Pepsi is our latest effort to touch people’s everyday life. I am certain that it will mark yet another glorious chapter in our international success story.
I congratulate everyone involved in this project for this historical accomplishment and hope that the Afghanistan Partnership is the beginning of a great business association for Alokozay, Pepsi and the Afghan nation.
I wish you all a very good evening.


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